Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2008/1136/Press Review]

March 10 2008

Tuesday, March 4
Top Stories

– Corruption in Marib costs government billions of riyals

– Yemeni scholars in India press government to cash their financial entitlements

– Aden Branch of Joint Meeting Parties accuses authority of fomenting chaos in southern governorates

– Yemen is progressing toward an unprecedented catastrophe, say observers

– Arab Nationalist Conference accuses Arab regimes of collaborating with enemies of Islam

– NUPO leader: Arab rulers are only concerned about how to satisfy enemies of Islam

“Arab leaders are only concerned about how to satisfy the Zionist enemies who practice all the forms of brutality and atrocity against the Muslim citizens in different parts of the world, the weekly quoted NUPO Secretary-General Sultan Hezam Al-Atwani as saying. Al-Atwani added that the fierce offensive launched by the Zionist and American aggression on the Gazza Strip is aimed at liquidating the Palestinian people, mainly as the Israeli occupation failed to achieve its objectives with regard to making the Palestinians submissive to its will and plan.

The opposition leader noted that the Zionists are attempting to separate between the Palestinian Cause and the Arab Nations, describing what is happening in Gazza as “mass liquidation and annihilation” against innocent citizens. He commented that the Arab leaders remain silent toward what is taking place in the Gazza Strip, believed to risk the peace process. “The Arab leaders don't sympathize with the innocent Gazza inhabitants who are suffering the cruelest attacks,” the man reacted.

In a statement to the, the NUPO leader urged all the political parties and NGOs in Yemen and other Arab countries to demonstrate solidarity with the Palestinian people, and support them financially and spiritually. He advised these parties and NGOs to press their governments and leaders so that they may react to what is happening in Gazza and back the Palestinian's right to have an independent state, adding the other Arab states may not escape the escalating turmoil in Palestine and Lebanon.