Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2008/1148/Press Review]

April 21 2008

Wednesday, April 16
Top Stories

– Two soldiers killed, another four injured in Marib blast

– Police station chief held accountable for terrorist attack on girl school

– Jibla blast kills two people, injures others

– Yemeni Journalist Syndicate denounces closure of Al-Wasat Weekly

– JMP Higher Council describes Local Authority Law amendments as “decorative and meaningless”

Higher Council of the Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) strongly opposed what it called a government attempt to take the country into a state of unannounced curfew, accusing the ruling party of planning to replace constitutional institutions by the National Defense Council, the website reported in one of its top stories. The opposition coalition demanded that the authority must stop practicing illegal procedures that contravene Constitution of the Republic of Yemen and effective laws.

According to, the opposition parties released a joint statement following a press conference on Monday, in which they expressed their strong rejection of the potential gubernatorial elections as approved by the ruling party's majority in Parliament. The statement labeled amending the Local Authority Law as an official attempt meant to mislead Yemeni people.

The website went on to say that the opposition coalition demanded that the government should be serious in addressing worsening national issues in the southern governorates and removing the 1994 war-related consequences that remained unchecked until the moment. It also called for reforming the system of governance in order to cope with the growing demands of time, eradicating all the forms of corruption and oppression, enhancing transfer of power and sharing decision-making among the various political forces.

JMP Higher Council lashed out at the government's indifference and inability to improve citizens' poor living standards and control soaring prices of basic foodstuffs and other consumables that helped raise people's concerns and worsen their misery. “The government failed to fulfill the promises it made to people ahead of 2006 elections when it pledged to fight all the forms of corruption and improve people's living standards,” the council went on to say.