Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2008/1150/Press Review]

April 28 2008

Saturday, April 26
Top Stories

– Corruption indicators on the rise despite government's commitment to combat the phenomenon

– Yemeni authorities sentences an Egyptian captain to 15 years in jail, fines him US$ 15,000 over entering Yemen's territorial waters

– Gulf investors rescue a Yemeni bank from bankruptcy

– Yemeni governorates suffer diesel shortage, the product's price reaches YR 50 per litter

– Dhamar-based JMP office advocates ongoing peaceful struggle against corrupt government

Thousands of citizens left their houses in Maghreb Ans District, west of Dhamar city, and came to the provincial capital to join a huge popular rally against the rampant corruption spreading in almost all the government offices, the website reported. It added that the local authority failed to impede the event, which was organized by the Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) leadership in the governorate.

Giving a speech on JMP's behalf, Hussein Mohammed Sanad, a prominent opposition leader, called on all the loyal people to participate in such protests in order to help rescue the country from an unprecedented collapse, which it is being driven toward under a failed government that adopts poor policies. The rally warned the authority against continuant practice of human rights abuses and violation of public freedoms.

According to Sanad, peaceful struggle to protest against the government's poor policies is the only applicable option for all Yemeni citizens. He added that the opposition coalition selected peaceful struggle as the only appropriate option to restore the abused rights and confiscated freedoms, as well as help Yemen get rid of a gloomy tunnel, which it is experiencing under a corrupt government.

Sanad continued that “if we keep silent without reacting to the dire situations, poor living standards and abused rights and freedoms, the nation will enter a phase of conflicts and seditions between the various social groups,” pointing out that more crises will be created in Yemen, chaos will spread, justice will pervade and the unified homeland will fragment.