AL-WAHDAWI: Sanaa weekly, 10-3-98. [Archives:1998/11/Press Review]

March 16 1998

(Nasserite Unionist Party)   Main Headline:
1- The President directs the government to withdraw local authority draft law from parliament for further amendments.
2- Yemeni opposition parties call for lifting sanctions imposed on Libya.
3- Government bodies are paralyzed in anticipation of a limited cabinet reshuffle.
4- Condolences pour in on the sudden death of the Nasserite leader, Ahmed Tarboosh.
Article Summary:
US Military Base in Yemen
The warm reception with which Lt. Gen Thomas Fargo, Commander of the 5th US Fleet, got from Yemeni officials has aroused widespread public anger and condemnation, considering that the US continues to prepare for war against Iraq. Fargo was received in audience by the President and other senior officials in both Sanaa and Aden.
Unofficial sources pointed out that the US wants to establish a permanent military base in Yemen to strengthen its hegemony over the Arabian Peninsula and Gulf region. The US army will possibly want to establish the base on the Island of Socotra due to its strategic position, commanding the Red and Arabian seas, said the sources. Officially, the US commander’s visit is to strengthen bilateral relations between Yemen and the US!