AL-WAHDAWI: Sanaa (Weekly) 11-11-97. [Archives:1997/46/Press Review]

November 17 1997

(Nasserite Unionist Party)
Main Headlines: 1- Saudi unreasonable demands in border dispute will not lead to solution 2- PSO broke up peaceful Mukalla mass rally calling for preserving Hadhramaut’s unity 3- Defense counsel in trial in absentia of 16 secessionists casts doubt on evidence provided by prosecutor Article Summary: Yemenis & 4 Cars Replace Russians The 4 Russian hostages held by the Hadaa tribe since November 20th were released. They were exchanged for 4 Yemenis, 4 cars, and a pledge by the government to execute the three other men who participated with another in raping the tribe’s 11-year-old child. The identity of the substitute Yemeni hostages was kept secret. Sources have indicated that the government has made huge efforts to release two Russians doctors and their wives in order to avoid embarrassment during the Prime Minister’s visit to France to attend a meeting of the Paris Club. A court has sentenced in October one of the rapists to death and three others to 10 years imprisonment each, which greatly angered the victim’s tribe.