AL-WAHDAWI: Sanaa (Weekly) 18-11-97 [Archives:1997/47/Press Review]

November 24 1997

(Nasserite Unionist Party)
Main Headlines: 1- Mass rally against MENA: Yemen’s participation is a brand of shame 2- Tribes in Mareb, Jawf, & Khawlan accuse PSO of attempting to assassinate prominent tribal leader , Sheikh Sinan Abu Lohoum 3- Abducted American is still held, and is asking for his wife and daughter to be with him 4- Trial of 16 secessionists leaders adjourned till December; defense counsel discredited some evidence provided by prosecutor Article Summary: Islah Sit-In A sit-in has been staged by almost 1000 members of Islah in protest over the replacement of some Islahi employees in the Education Office in Taiz. The Syndicate of Educational Professions (pro-PGC), on the other hand, has threatened to go on strike protesting what it called Islahi interference. The sit-in started on Sunday, November 16 by some students, teachers, MPs, and ordinary citizens. The police arrested 3 protesters for allegedly carrying firearms and explosives. The Minister of Education went personally to Taiz to resolve the problem.