AL-WAHDAWI: Sanaa weekly, 2-12-97. [Archives:1997/49/Press Review]

December 8 1997

(Nasserite Unionist Party)
Main Headlines: 1- Foreign Minister failed to persuade Saudi Arabia to make some compromises, especially on its conditions regarding internal Yemeni affairs 2- Syrian prime suspect in Aden bombings was in direct contact with Saudi deputy minister of interior 3- Nasserite MP denounced government for taking part in Doha conference 4- Armed confrontation over shop leases in Ibb town center led to one man killed and two injured. Article Summary: Tourism by Ali Al-Saqqaf The Italian newspaper Republica has classified Yemen as one of the most dangerous areas for tourists, alongside Algeria and Bosnia. The Courier de la Sierra also published a black list of countries to be avoided by Italian tourists. They include Yemen, Somalia and Iraq. Both newspapers relied on Saudi information about the increasing number of foreigners kidnapped in Yemen. The Saudi motive is to harm the Yemeni economy and tourism industry.