AL-WAHDAWI: Sanaa Weekly, 25-11-97 (Nasserite Unionist Party) [Archives:1997/48/Press Review]

December 1 1997

Main Headlines: 1- Governor of Sanaa and bodyguards beat up and detain shop owners for not placing garbage bins outside their shops! 2- Radfan tribes block Aden-Sanaa road for 10 hours in protest over the arrest of two tribesmen. 3- Newly appointed teachers demonstrate in Taiz protesting being suspended one month after starting work. Article Summary: Yemeni Artists & US Embassy – By: Fouad Abdulkader An artist should be committed to the issues and concerns of his or her nation. It is alright if a painter sells his paintings to make a living. But to get involved or may even collude with the American Embassy for a ‘fistful of dollars’ is a different, more sinister matter altogether. The fierce attack on our nation by America and Israel can only be resisted by a strong stance not only by the ordinary people, but also by the elite such as intellectuals and artists. The exhibition of Yemeni artists held recently at the American Embassy was not publicized, at all. Who knows, there might have been Zionist painters as well. If there was not any hidden motive behind the exhibition, it would not have been held in such secrecy!