AL-WAHDAWI: Sanaa weekly, 25-8-98. [Archives:1998/35/Press Review]

August 31 1998

(People’s Nasserite Unionist Organization)   Main Headline:
1- US exerts enormous diplomatic pressure on Yemen to hand over dossiers on Arab and foreign citizens holding Yemeni passports, revoke their travel documents, and stop furhter naturalizations processes.
2- Arab and Islamic organizations hold mass rallies in Yemen in solidarity with Sudan and Afghanistan.
3- Chemical analysis by the Ministry of Health proves that “improving” substances added to “French rooti” bread contain Potassium Bromides, which cause lymphatic cancer. The substances used are either made in Turkey or Germany.
4- More than 60 Yemeni fishermen are interned in Eritrea. They were caught while fishing in Yemen’s territorial waters.
Article Summary:
Housing Prisons
By Abu Omar
It is incredible but true. The Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning has a prison of its own. People unfortunate enough to be detained there say that the small unventilated cells are like rubbish tips. A prisoner wanting to go to the toilet, for instance, has to pay the guard somewhere between 50 and 300 riyals, depending on the prisoner’s status in society. Getting food involves an extra payment.
Yemeni law strictly prohibits individual ministries from having their own prisons. Several ministries have abided by this law, except the Ministry of Housing.