AL-WAHDAWI: Sanaa weekly, 29-9-98. [Archives:1998/40/Press Review]

October 5 1998

(People’s Nasserite Unionist Organization)   Main Headline:
1- Opposition Coordination Council holds the government responsible for lack of security and economic decline.
2- Despite tip-offs to the security apparatus, 3 bombs went off in Zanzibar, Abyan, during the Revolution anniversary celebrations.
3- Sanaa University works on rectifying the irregularities in its student admission policy.
4- Due to American pressure, Yasser Arafat abandons his intention to declare a Palestinian state.
Article Summary:
Bloody Tribal Conflict
A dispute between the Murad and Al-Tohaif tribes over a piece of land in Mareb left 18 people dead and 26 wounded. Fighting with light and heavy weapons lasted from 4pm last Thursday, September 24, to 5am the following day. The Murad tribe was able to occupy some positions previously held by Tohaif.
Thanks to efforts by the prominent Sheikh, Mujahid Abu Shwarib, fighting stopped and a 6-month cease-fire agreement was signed. Prisoners and the wounded were later exchanged.