AL-WAHDAWI: Sanaa weekly, 30-6-98. [Archives:1998/27/Press Review]

June 6 1998

(Nasserite Unionist Party)
Main Headline:
1- Senior diplomatic sources expect the Supreme Yemeni-Saudi Committee talks currently held in Jidda, Saudi Arabia, to achieve nothing.
2- Opposition Council warns the government against imposing an undeclared state of emergency.
3- Cease fire between government troops and Mareb tribes breaks down into fiercer fighting.
4- Despite permission given by the governor, security forces in Lahaj prevent a demonstration from going ahead.
Article Summary:
Cardboard Opposition
By Abdullah AL-Khawlani
The way the government has implemented the World Bank dictates shows that is has no regard whatever to the general public or the opposition parties. This is mainly because the response of the people and the opposition was disorganized, to say the least.
The latest popular uprising has really exposed the opposition; a decor to compliment a democracy imposed on the government by the ‘new world order.’ The opposition has proven its failure to lead the people not only during exceptional circumstances, but also in normal conditions.
The ruling authorities use the ‘stick and carrot’ policy in dealing with senior opposition figures. If the opposition parties were to actually lead the peaceful demonstrations, the government would have received a very strong message and would not have dared to infiltrate the demonstrations by elements to instigate act of violence and looting.