AL-WAHDAWI: Sana’a (Weekly) 30-9-97. (Nasserite Unionist Party) [Archives:1997/40/Press Review]

October 6 1997

News Review: 1) Police uncovered network of veteran Arab fighters of the Afghan war that infiltrated Yemeni security to facilitate movement of fighters and arms into Arab and African countries – forged Yemeni passports also discovered. 2) Saudi Arabia occupied new border areas inside Yemen – new communication network and other services were installed. Campaign to turn Yemeni citizens into Saudi nationals preceded occupation. 3) General Secretariat of Nasserite Party to hold ninth general session. 4) Following popular unrest in Al-Shihr, Hahdramaut, interrogations continue with 13 arrested. 5) Tribal sheikhs, judges, lawyers, and university professors form private body to settle blood feuds. 6) Officials and employees suspected of carrying out big robbery at Antiquities authority are released and investigations halted by high-level orders. 7) Intense contacts between Islah and PGC to save their post-election agreement whereby Islahi-held official posts are retained in return for Islah staying out of opposition. 8) Students complain of being not admitted into College of Medicine despite their high grades; while, other are allowed in according to non-academic criteria.