AL-WAHDAWI: Sanaa (Weekly) 4-11-97. (Nasserite Unionist Party) [Archives:1997/45/Press Review]

November 10 1997

Main Headlines: 1- Mass Rally Protesting Against Doha Conference to be Held On November 16 2- Army Chief of Staff Accused Opposition of Being Agents of Foriegn Powers 3- Judge Adjourns Hearings in Visas for Money Case – Czech Diploamts, Yemeni, & 4 Arabs Involved 4- Blood Feud May Lead to Armed Conflict Between Sanaa and Jawf Tribes Article Summary: Aden Realtors by: Ali Al-Saqqaf Some officials in our country have no interest but to amass huge fortunes. Their victims nowadays are potential investors who believed the joke of “investment opportunities.” They pay for plots of land in Aden, say, only to come across all sorts of obstcales. Worst still, police patrols, upon the behest of some corrupt officials, often evict these would-be invstors form their newly aquired lands to “re-distribute” them to others who have nothing to do with investing. The cost of going to court in such cases often exceeds the value of the project proposed by the conned investor.