AL-WAHDAWI: Sanaa weekly, 4-8-98. [Archives:1998/32/Press Review]

August 10 1998

(People’s Nasserite Unionist Organization)   Main Headline:
1- Political analysts say the 6-clause Yemeni-Saudi agreement has mostly come to Saudi Arabia’s benefit. It has enabled the oil-rich kingdom to contain the crisis while its royal family tries to organize its internal affairs in view of King Fahad’s deteriorating health condition.
2- In his talk to tribal sheiks from Mareb, Shabwa and Al-Jawf, the President renews his accusation to Saudi Arabia of trying to create civil unrest and instability.
3- The government refuses to pay compensations for flashflood damages under the pretext of not having financial allocations.
4- Allegations by US information and cultural attach, Adam Ereli, that Yemeni press publishes lies about US are strongly rejected by media representatives in this country.
Article Summary:
“Algerization” By Ali Al-Saqqaf
The number of political and sectarian murders has increased in Yemen. Such an issue needs to be seriously addressed by the government as well as the opposition. The absence of a strong central authority and recurrent lapses of security are not the only factors behind this disturbing phenomenon. The Yemeni psyche seems to have incurred some disturbing changes.
If no unified stance is taken to put an end to the rise in these killings, Yemen is on its way to become another Algeria.