AL-WAHDAWI: Sanaa weekly, 5-5-98. [Archives:1998/19/Press Review]

May 11 1998

(Nasserite Unionist Party)   Main Headline:
1- Nasserite Deputy Secretary-General: “PM’s resignation ends all hope of real reform.”
2- Islah rejects appointing Foreign Minister Iryani as new PM.
3- Parliament’s Civil Liberties Committee accuses demonstrators in Mukallah of provoking last week’s shooting; while, the security forces continue to persecute opposition figures.
4- Jordanian authorities prevent the people from marking the 50th anniversary of the “defilement” of Palestine.
Article Summary:
Yemenis Allowed into Saudi Arabia
Political commentators have indicated that the Yemeni-Saudi border issue is almost resolved. The unannounced visit to Yemen by King Fahd’s advisor and the reciprocal visit by a senior Yemeni official have put the final touches on the border delineation.
This agreement was accompanied by unofficial announcements by both governments that visa restrictions on Yemeni citizens wishing to work in Saudi Arabia are being eased. However, some observers have cast doubt on the alleged 36,000 visas granted to Yemenis during the last two weeks. They claimed that most visas – far less than the above number – were given to Yemenis who already have work contracts in Saudi Arabia, but were expelled for political reasons.