AL-WAHDAWI: Sanaa weekly, 6-1-98. (Nasserite Unionist Party) [Archives:1998/02/Press Review]

January 12 1998

Main Headlines: 1- Yemeni-Saudi relations are at their lowest point, and can escalate to military confrontation 2- The Central Bank puts moratorium on giving loans and credit to 102 prominent businessmen for defaulting on their previous loans 3- Mutual exchanges of corruption accusations foiled Islah-PGC reconciliation efforts in Ibb 4- Yemeni students in Poland staged a sit-in at the Yemeni Embassy in Warsaw demanding their monthly allowances for third quarter of 1997 Article Summary: Deadly Silence – editorial Despite uncovering the Saudi involvement in the recent bombing incidents in Yemen, the tone of media offensives has gone down to a deadly silence. At the same time, however, diplomatic shuttling missions have increased. Saudi Arabia took advantage of the post Gulf War period, when the balance of power was, and still is, in its favor, to demand more concessions and compromises from Yemen. The most dangerous aspect of the memorandum of understanding, signed by the two countries two years ago, is that it recognizes the Tayif agreement. Following the 1934 war when Saudi Arabia annexed Yemeni territory, the Tayif agreement recognized the status quo, but was later rejected by the republican regime in Yemen.