AL-WAHDAWI: Sanaa weekly, 8-9-98. [Archives:1998/37/Press Review]

September 14 1998

(People’s Nasserite Unionist Organization)   Main Headline:
1- US administration puts Yemen under military surveillance,
2- Nasserite organization in Abyan held its organizational congress in preparation for the upcoming 9th National General Conference.
3- Opposition parties call on MPs to strongly reject the new version of the Local Authority Law.
4- Eritrean authorities refuse to disclose the fate of more than 60 Yemen fishermen who were caught by the Eritrean navy in Yemen’s territorial waters 4 week ago, and had their boats confiscated. It is rumored that 2 Yemeni navy officers are also held by Eritrea.
5- A 5th “dose” of reform is expected late in September.
6- Iraq warns against the tightening of economic sanctions.
Article Summary:
Fighting Terrorism
The Yemeni authorities have deported many Arab and foreign nationals, under the pretext of being involved with extremist Islamic groups active against US interests in the region. In spite of that, informed Western diplomatic sources have indicated that Bin Laaden still a large number of followers and supporters in Yemen.
It has also been known that the US Embassy in Sanaa almost regularly receives threat by telephone and fax. Security has been greatly stepped up in and around the embassy compound. A US Marines contingent is expected to arrive soon.
Representatives of security forces are currently “negotiating” with a number of well-known extremists to close their camps in return for private pieces of land and other privileges.