AL-WHADA: Sanaa weekly, 2-9-98. [Archives:1998/36/Press Review]

September 7 1998

Main Headline:
1- The President visits the Bajil Directorate, Hodeida.
2- General Directorate of Criminal Investigations apprehends a man believed to have essential equipment from a power station, leaving people in the area without electricity for the last 3 years.
3- 17 Hadhramaut MPs enumerate their governorate’s needs for health-care facilities.

Article Summary:
False Yemeni Passports
By Abdullah Al-Hadhrami
The Yemeni government has not yet received any reply from the Tanzanian government to its request for information on the Yemeni-passport holder accused of the US Embassy bombing. The accused name, Khaled Salim, has not been found on the Passport Authority records.
The Yemeni Embassy in Dar Al-Salaam was broken into in February, 1995, and 94 blank Yemeni passports were stolen. Also, many false Yemeni passports went into circulation following the 1994 war against secession, when passports and official rubber stamps were stolen from passport offices in Aden and other southern governorates.
A number of Arab and African citizens with false Yemeni passports sought asylum in several European countries, under the pretext that they were persecuted in Yemen for converting to Christianity.
A Palestinian man was recently arrested while attempting to get a Yemeni passport using a false Yemeni personal ID card. He tried to bribe a passport authority officials with $2,000. Similar cases have also been discovered recently.