AL-WHADAWI: Sanaa weekly, 19-5-98. [Archives:1998/21/Press Review]

May 25 1998

(Nasserite Unionist Party) 
Main Headline:
1- International and regional parties are behind delaying the decision on Hunaish Island due to fears of raising tension in the Red Sea region.
2- A parliamentary committee accuses the government of favoring affluent areas in implementing government projects, and criticizes its permitting the haphazard drilling of water wells.
3- US Assistant Deputy Secretary of State visiting Yemen: “Receiving Sheikh Ahmed Yaseen in Yemen will not help the peace process.”
And, “US navy ships will get fuel and supplies at Yemeni ports.”4- Jordanian authorities failed to prevent the people from marking the 50 anniversary of the defilement of Palestine.
Article Summary:
Failure to Change – editorial
The failure of the authority to institute any change in the “new” government, even by people from within the ruling party, is something quite dangerous. The so-called power centers have succeeded in further consolidating their positions. This comes simultaneously with the incompetence of the political regime to rise up to the ambitions and aspirations of the people.
Yemenis cannot help but compare this situation with Indonesia. But to go on the rampage and create political turmoil must be condemned. To avoid major upheaval, the Yemeni regime must make the necessary and urgent changes. There is no telling what a desperate people can get up to.