AL-WHADAWI: Sanaa weekly, 23-6-98. [Archives:1998/26/Press Review]

June 29 1998

(Nasserite Unionist Party)   Main Headline:
1- Army troops besiege Sanaa University and turn Yemeni cities into huge army barracks.
2- The government is to start liquidating major public-sector establishments and industries: cement, medicines, Aden oil refinery, communications, and transport.
3- Opposition parties in Hadhramaut call for public rallies and demonstrations in all governorate centers.
Article Summary:
Hurricane of Anger
By Abdullah Al-Khawlani
The Nasserite Party has always warned against the blind adherence to the fickle dictates of the World Bank and the IMF. True reform does not mean raising the prices of basic food commodities while the people are already hungry. Reform must extend to all: rulers and ruled. It must include:
1- Forming a supreme national committee for reform with the participation of all national powers;
2- Enforcing the laws that will curb corruption;
3- Forcing corrupt officials to return what they have stolen;
4- Attaching the Control and Audit apparatus to parliament, not to the executive authority;
5- Ensuring the independence of the judiciary; and
6- Obliging officials to declare their assets before and after assuming their posts.