Al-Zaidi deteriorates [Archives:2003/629/Local News]

March 31 2003

Sources close to Mohammed al-Zaidi, who is now receiving treatment in a Sana'a hospital, say that his health condition has been deteriorating after three bullets hit him in his backbone smashing three vertebras and injuring the spinal cord.
Al-Zaidi, whom authorities accused of kidnapping German diplomat Peter Burns, came back from Afghanistan five years ago.
He was attacked in his house by two soldiers of the 25th Regiment in Marib.
Official sources pointed out that the assassination attempt was successful despite the death of one of the perpetrators. Serawah district people in Marib issued a statement asking Yemen's president, organizations and human rights activists to cooperate to stop such violations and transgression that are considered terrorist actions practiced by powerful security and military in Marib.
They numbered the killings of innocent citizens, forcible and random arrests of people, the destroying of people houses, hits on peaceful villages with tanks and artilleries and the deliberate prevention from education, health and other services.
The statement pointed out also that they intend to file a lawsuit against the officials.
That's the first of its kind in Marib.