Ali Nasser: From detention to another [Archives:2007/1091/Local News]

October 4 2007

By: Amel Al-Ariqi
He was an important man with Al-Qaeda who used to make Bin Laden's food. Ali Mohammed Nasser was arrested in 2001 and sent to Guantanamo Bay prison where he was detained for five years. Yet, after more than 16 months of nationality confusion, Nasser has finally returned to Yemen. Only he is again in detention with another four, indefinitely.

SANA'A, Oct. 3 ) Ali Mohammed Nasser, was released from Guantanamo Bay prison four days ago only to be detained again at the Yemeni political security prison indefinitely.

Nasser joined another four Yemenis who had been at Guantanamo until they were handed over by US security to Yemen over four months ago and are still detained at the political security prison.

“Either charge them or release them, keeping them this way is illegal by all national and international laws,” said Khaled Al-Anisi executive director of Yemeni human rights organization known as HOOD.

On 30 September, The Department of Defense announced the transfer of eight detainees from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Six detainees were transferred to Afghanistan, and one each to Libya and Yemen. The names of the eight men were not released nor was the reason for their detention. The US defense department said these detainees became eligible for transfer following what the U.S. government calls, “a comprehensive series of review processes conducted at Guantanamo””. It added that transfer is a demonstration of the United States' desire not to hold detainees any longer than necessary.

It wasn't confirmed that Nasser was the Yemeni detainee returned to Yemen until a delegation from Amnesty International confirmed the government's statement last week that detainee Ali Mohammad Nasser has returned to Yemen. Nasser's nationality had been in question prior to his return to Yemen as he was born in Saudi Arabia and has family in Jedda. Dr. Lamri Chirouf and Mohammad Lotfy of AI who are currently in Yemen met with three of the five detainees at the political security prison yesterday