“Allah Yehfaz Malaysia” [Archives:2004/765/Letters to the Editor]

August 19 2004

Mohsen Al-Jonaidy
[email protected]

The Arab league, the Muslims and Malaysia. I urge you to read the speech of His Excellency Mahathir Mohammad on the occasion of the transition of Power in Malaysia, then you will definitely find the reasons of why Malaysia went far on developing the Nation.
The real “Case” and I will use this word in all my articles and addresses, the “Case” is that Malaysians left corruption and dumped it far away, Malaysia refused funding from International Monetary Fund, Malaysians depended only on their simple economy and unified the three factions of the Nation, making the rights of all equal in all issues.
A lot of Malaysians don't talk about or even describe it, but let that speech of the ex-Prime Minister be a real example of what lies behind the success of Malaysia.
Until then “Allah Yehfaz Malaysia”