Also about editorial on Mahathir [Archives:2003/681/Letters to the Editor]

October 30 2003

Byron Allen
Houston, Texas
[email protected]

Your editorial about the Malaysian Muslim conference was amazing. As an American, I am always amazed to hear that I hate Muslims and that Americans are Zionists. I assure you that by writing these things, you demonstrate that you do not understand the American mentality on these issues at all. Let me point out to you that:
1. Most Americans are worried about their lives, jobs and family and do not think one time in a year about Zionists, Muslims or Israel
2. Most Americans believe that since the Bible demonstrates that Jews and Arabs have lived together peacefully for thousands of years, the current problem is not religious but political. Do you hate Jews because of their religion or because you have a territorial problem with them? They worship the same God as you and I do.
3. Americans respect other people’s rights to practice whatever religion they wish. I have never personally seen or heard of anybody here in the US objecting to Islam.
Please stop trying to inflame people with religious rhetoric, when what you are really having are political problems in the region. How is anything ever going to get resolved if you and the Jews continue with this insanity?