ALTHAWRI: Sana’a (Weekly) [Archives:1997/39/Press Review]

September 29 1997

25-9-97. (Yemeni Socialist Party)
Main Headlines: 1) Persecution of Recently Released Opposition Figures Continues 2) Unidentified Fighter Airplane Violates Yemeni Air Space Over Mokha – Anti-air Gunfire Failed to Down it 3) Large-Scale Malaria Epidemic in Taiz 4) YSP Secretary-General Congratulates Chinese President on Being Re-Elected Chairman of Chinese Communist Party 5) Human Rights Activists’ Conference in Cairo Expresses Concern For Yemeni Government’s Attitude Towards Civil Institutions Article Summary: Public Sector Plundered According to informed political sources in Aden, executive employees in Al-Nasr Free Trade company are methodically plundering the public sector. These company officials have recently sold 3 large warehouses belonging to the company to a Political Security officer for YR 2 million only. Offers by some contractors to buy the same warehouses for more than YR 30 million were rejected by the company, it was alleged. On another level, the company’s new management has succeeded in persuading the company’s board to turn other warehouses in the Tawahi area of Aden into houses for the top company executives.