American fundamentalism is an embarrassment [Archives:2003/628/Letters to the Editor]

March 24 2003

Mike B.
[email protected]

I read with interest Hassan Al-Haifi's editorial “Wisdom and reason vs. bombs and breadcrumbs.” It is my hope that the people of the world don't come to believe that all Americans support President Bush. We don't.
The vast majority of Americans hold no animosity toward Muslims or Arabs. However it is important to note that the Arab world does not hold a monopoly when it comes to fundamentalist zealots. The US has many zealots as well, many of them far more dangerous than the Bin Ladins of the world.
Presently they are working hard to purchase and control all of the major print and television media in the US. Once they control “the spin” of our daily news, they will successfully block meaningful democratic discourse. The more media these zealots control, the greater the likelihood that absurd adventures in foreign lands will be tolerated and even promoted.
This American fundamentalism is an embarrassment to everything that we hold dear.
It is interesting to note that fundamentalist zealots, who inhabit every nation on earth, are slowly but surely destabilizing the world. They feed off of the hatred of other zealots. I have found that the most dedicated radical Palestinians are the Zionist zealots of the Israeli far-right, while the most dedicated Zionist radicals are the radical Palestinians who use themselves as cannon fodder for the sake of hatred itself. These people have a strong need for war, because their every day lives are so meaningless without war.
It is this hopeless lack of meaning which threatens us all. May God protect those who truly serve Him.