American hypocrisy, thanks to AIPAC [Archives:2005/905/Opinion]

December 22 2005

Hassan Al-Haifi
For a nation that claims to be the vanguard of democratic ideals and principles, American politicians are showing that they are no more than stooges for an impressively strong Zionist lobby that has sold them cheap for a band of narrow minded interests in the US and abroad. It is really disheartening to believe that the American people, with their philanthropic generosity and genuine desire to have a world free of repression and political connivance would stand for so much power to be accorded to a lobby whose interests have little or no interest in the real success of the United States in expanding the domain of democracy in the world, but only to serve the evil interests of an international Zionist establishment that seeks not just to bring havoc throughout the Middle East, but also to make sure that the entire world towards achieving this end.

Last week, the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee went on the brink of declaring an all out war on the Bush Administration for just thinking that it might be worth it to have some form of “discussions” with the regime in Teheran, Iran rather than succumb to the desire of the Zionist establishment in perpetrating an all-out confrontation between the United States and Israel. Never mind that AIPAC is already on the dangerous suspects list for a considerable amount of espionage work on behalf of the Zionist state, involving contacts with such icons of the neo-con establishment like Ronald Rumsfeld, Edward Feith and many others. Never mind also that AIPAC and the large network of lobby groups working on behalf of the Zionist state in the United States have already railroaded the United States into one of the most mind boggling acts of meaningless aggression as we are seeing in Iraq. Never mind that Israel was a primary source of the so called “intelligence” that was used as the pretext for lying to the entire world, and especially the American people, of the necessity for an invasion and ongoing occupation of Iraq that may prove one of the major debacles of American foreign policy.

The Zionist state and its international well-organized network of supporters have always prided themselves on having established the “only” democracy in the Middle East, albeit at the expense of the indigenous population of their “promised land”, who have been living there for millennia. But now we are hearing the Zionist lobby in America, after having heard the same from several Israeli officials, that the United States should not dare to support any moves towards democratization of the Arab states. That would be futile to the security of the Israeli state, etc.

The truth of the matter is that no one really knows what the Israelis and their blind supporters want from the United States. Isn't it enough that the Israelis have fuelled so much animosity towards the United States from the overwhelming majority of the people of the world, by all the lies and distortions that have turned America into an aggressive “imperialist” monster, as viewed by even some of America's allies and friends? Now AIPAC and her associates are telling the American politicians in Congress: “Forget our previous directions to you and show a change of heart”. Do not accept the results of the free democratic elections in the West Bank and Gaza (they wouldn't dare even mention the word Palestinian territories, for fear of facing heart attacks). If “Hamas candidates” win and Hamas is accordingly allowed to partake in the forthcoming government of the Palestine Authority, then Congress will cancel all support to the Palestinians. It is really amazing that the results of the recent elections for the local councils in the PA have yet to be announced, yet already AIPAC and their other colleagues in the complex web of Israeli lobby groups have twisted the arms of both House of Representative members and Senate members to pass a resolution that must threaten the Palestinians with starvation and strangulation, if they even consider the idea of elected government officials of Hamas taking part in the elections. Note that there is no animosity ever declared by Hamas or any other Palestinian group against the United States and that the elections in the Palestinian territories were as freely democratic as any elections can be with international and local monitoring to insure transparency and the least amount of infractions.

Last night, the United States military spokesman in Iraq was also declaring that the Iranians are interfering in the Iraq elections, although he really had no “concrete evidence” to support such allegations. That is how the great institutions of American democracy have been turned into tools of the Zionist lobby to ensure that Israel's battles continue to be carried out by the United States.

That is why American support of dictatorships in the region continues at full speed under the pretext of fighting the “War Against Terror”, which is in itself a concoction derived by the international Zionist Establishment. That is why the repression against freedom of speech is being encouraged to the point of being willing to send out bombers to destroy the headquarters of Al-Jazeera and other Arab media organs that have shown a genuine inclination for real truthful coverage of the ugliness of a war that the American public is hardly getting a real honest glimpse of. How could they when it is AIPAC, the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai Brith and so many other Zionist lobbies that dictate the policies to be followed by even the most mainstream of American journalistic establishments.

The point of all this is that it is really time for the American people to regain the power over their political establishments and news media from the control of Zionist lobbies, before they become railroaded into disasters, not to mention financial demise, which US fiscal affairs have now already become..

As for the image in the world, the US is already approaching rock bottom.