American invaders are murderers [Archives:2004/777/Letters to the Editor]

September 30 2004

Hilal Banisad
[email protected]

I'd like to refer to the article by Hassan Al-Haifi, “Insurgent or contract murderers?”.
We all wish to see our writers and journalist say or write in the same language or manner when it comes to Americans and their evil policy of murdering our people.
Do you know how many thousands of Iraqis have lost their lives (young and old) since the first Gulf War? Not to mention the sanctions.
They went there because of Oil. Understand that. And they don't care about eliminating everyone to get what they want. The Iraqis have been occupied and invaded. Therefore, they have any right to do anything they can to kick out the barbarians in any form.
Why don't our writers use words like Murderers, saboteurs, butchers, and barbarians when we write about the American invaders?