Americans, look out! [Archives:2008/1150/Opinion]

April 28 2008

There can be no peace in this region. That is what many Arabs are saying, as they see so many forces vie for filling gaps here and there, with most of the political structures of all the Arab States showing no signs of ever placating to the wishes of their people, while they rush to placate to the wishes of their masters in Washington or even Tel Aviv. On the other hand, one cannot help wonder why some of the richest of the Arabs find ways to spend millions in one night on gambling or even worse on the pleasures of the bed, while half of the people in the Arab World are hungry and the other half are illiterate.

We need to really look at ourselves as a nation, not some individual “sovereign” cantons that were created by cartographers in the drawing rooms of former greedy imperialist powers.

It is the work of these cartographers that gave us the tragedy that continues to unfold daily in the Holy Land, the holiness of which evaporated when Lord Balfour gave his promise to the sleazy Rothschilds and their partners in the very active International Zionist Establishment. In return for Balfour's “promise”, the Zionists were able to change the Isolationist Woodrow Wilson into a belligerent war monger in advocacy of a war that had no justification then if viewed in the context of American interests.

But then American interests have never of any worry to the International Zionists, particularly the American elements in that sleazy international mafia. In fact, no one has brought more harm to the interests of their sponsors than the IZE (see Common Sense, Issue 1147).

One is not worried about American interests anymore, because even the American people have been taught now to avoid taking that into consideration when thinking politically. How could they? A large chunk of the American public is now beginning to feel the crunch of the heavy indebtedness, which the Neo Cons powered by the IZE have left their country in.

Even their own finances have been put in disarray as their inability to meet mortgage payments becomes a haunting dilemma for which no end is in sight. Even the big banks in the US are seeking ways out of this inability to meet debt service by their customers, so they begin appropriating a sizable chunk of their yet unearned profits to cover “doubtful debts” of their customers.

This is what happens when even the most reputable bankers (Citibank, Bank of America, etc.) are caught unaware that their ability to manage their assets is not very much better than the financial management of developing countries, which can't even manage enough funds to meet the daily bread needs of their populations, let alone cover the debt service on the mortgages of their homes. The latter is another matter, which will be dealt with separately, because there is the issue of corruption and the prevalence of narrow selfish interests in the latter over all other interests.

Here, one wants to try to comprehend how educated societies can be railroaded to accept Zionist tyranny and the horrendous misguidance to public opinion in the West, which the IZE has managed to instill so systematically, across all levels of public scrutiny.

An American friend has just informed this observer that two of his colleagues in an academic institution of a high caliber have lost their jobs because they refused to placate to the requirement of the dissemination of the Zionist distortion of the history of the Holy Land and insist that the land of Palestrina has been with the Palestinians since anyone can remember in all the history backs that go back to the Epic of Gilgamesh.

Because of this insistence on sticking with the truth, two distinguished professors are out of a job and surely will not meet any mortgage debt payments until God knows when. When you have hit the blacklist of the Zionist Lobby in the United States, there is no telling when you could ever get another job again.

It is hard to believe that in the United States, one of its founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin had warned that the American people should be careful about a certain element that will work to take over the major areas of the American economy and then render all the decisions related to the undertakings of the United States without regard to the interests of the overwhelming majority of the United States. The dramatic thing about this discovery is that this was predicted by Franklin to occur two hundred years after the Establishment of the United States.

So now it is the United States along with Palestine and later it is the world!

Hassan Al-Haifi has been a Yemeni political economist and journalist for more than 20 years.