Barack Hussein Obama’s InaugurationA Refreshing Turn of the Page in US History [Archives:2009/1228/Opinion]

January 26 2009

Notwithstanding the long and churned eight year past history of the United States and the really tragic topping of the George W. Bush Presidency with the approved massacre in Gaza, if not the directed one by the Bush Administration, Barack Obama launched his Presidency of the United States with a very carefully constructed speech that said very little about how he would deal with the issues that confront his first term of office. On the other hand, it should be borne in mind that Obama was now not compelled to give any promises, nor predict the outcomes of his tackling of the awesome tasks that lie before him, starting Wednesday morning. He was nevertheless unfailing at attempting to tie America's future with what was once an idyllic almost comprehensible past that had clearly almost predictable directions and understandable defined ideals. This was indeed a necessity after his predecessor had drowned the United States in failures both in the domestic front and in mesmerizing calamities in the foreign front. This was an effort to tie his campaign rhetoric with pragmatic appeals for Americans to get back to showing off what America is really all about, for that is the only way America could ever regain its leadership of the world. For people like Barrack Obama and Bill Clinton their understanding of America is tied with a movement of people dedicated to doing good and righteous deeds rather than imposing ludicrous ideals that tended to bring prosperity to a select group, albeit at the expense of the overwhelming majority of the American people, and even if by bringing damage to any sort of international harmony that may have been achieved by previous American administrations.

President Barack Obama will be forced to bring about his vision of a rehabilitated America that will not only rebut the blunders of the G W Bush Administration, but seek to set America on a responsible superpower role, with its power relegated to the projection of an America as its founders had envisioned and which the remembered great leaders that followed sought to personify.

Leading big nations has not always been easy and successful as the former Soviet Union clearly has shown us. But failure and success are outcomes of human actions and efforts. Surely, Barack has personified the insurmountable capacities of man to harness his intellect and rapidly developed political intuitions to make an extraordinary success story, which one must admit can only happen in the United States. The ability to harness a well organized grass roots following by using the most modern developments in communications has certainly been at the root of his success to make it to the White House. Mind you this was done amidst the challenges presented by more experienced and refined political adversaries, who already had well established political machines, while Obama then at the start of his drive to the White House had not even been known beyond the streets of Chicago.

Many analysts and observers were rather perplexed by Obama not having made any statements about the recent situation in Gaza. Surely, one should not expect Obama to fall for the “test”” that may have been put before him just to see how he would react