Amina Abdulaltif’s Case [Archives:2005/841/Letters to the Editor]

May 12 2005

The Yemen Times received hundreds of emails on Amina's case. These are only samples of the letters we received. Thanks to our readers for having confidence in us and allowing us to voice their concerns in the paper.

I would be very grateful if you would bring to the attention of your

Government the very deep concern that I and many of my friends and

colleagues have over the death sentence passed in regard to Amina Ali


In expressing this concern, we do so humbly, conscious that there are many instances where my own country has acted without proper regard for the

humanitarian consideration of cases brought to trial. We cannot ignore,

however, that Amina Ali Abduladif was just sixteen when the alleged crime was committed and the she is now the mother of a two year old child. We hope that your country, whom we hold in respect, will feel able to exercise clemency in this case.

David Boyle

[email protected]

Deborah Seeger

[email protected]

Robert Ferry

[email protected]

Jeannine Reno

[email protected]

Cecilia Gal

[email protected]

Michael Audie


[email protected]

Michael P. Hager

Tanya Toutz-Hager

Michael Hager

[email protected]

David Christie”

[email protected]

Christopher Law

[email protected]

Bec Hover

[email protected]

Chris Green

[email protected]

Her alleged offense was committed when she was a minor, 14 years old, and is now the mother of a child, conceived after she was sexually assaulted in prison.

Respectfully, I ask you to consider, mercifully, clemency for Amina

Patrick J. Flood, MD

[email protected]

I would deeply appreciate for you to communicate to your Government the serious concern that I, my family and colleagues feel over the death sentence given to Amina Ali Abduladif.

We express this concern fully understanding the irony in this request. Your nation showed the leadership and concern for basic human rights to outlaw executions of children well before my own country took up this issue. We do hope that you will continue to set an example for western nations, that you will stand by the rule of law. Amina Ali Abduladif was just fourteen when her husband was killed.

It is our hope that your nation will see fit to show mercy toward this young woman, and toward her young child. To do so would be to set an example for far more powerful nations.

Austin Armstrong

North Wales, Pennsylvania, USA

Austin Armstrong [email protected]

I am writing to express my sincere concern that I have over the death sentence passed in regard to Amina Ali Abduladif, who was sentenced when she was only 16. I hope that you can convey to your Government my concern, which is shared by many of my friends who have heard of this case. We are concerned that Amina Ali Abduladif was just 14 when the crime she was convicted of was committed and I understand that your Government prohibits the execution of anyone under 18 who commits a crime. I hope that someday, my own country will follow your lead and I am working on this issue as well.

I hope that your country will be able to exercise clemency in this case.

Victoria Putsche Awon Atuire

[email protected]

& Lawrence Lin

[email protected]

I would like to express my concern about the case of Amina Ali Aduladif. It appears that her conviction may have been based on a false confession obtained under duress. Further, her sentence seems to violate Yemeni law prohibiting execution of anyone under the age of 18.

I am glad to hear that a commission has been appointed to review this case. I am simply a concerned citizen of the world who happened to hear about Amina Ali Aduladif. I am powerless in this matter. However, I am sure that you will exercise your authority and influence to ensure that justice is done.

Jackie Jarzem

[email protected]

After reading much about the sad case of Amina Ali Abduladif in the last few weeks I felt compelled to write to you to plead for your assistance. It is my understanding that your government has appointed a special committee to review her case. I hope that you will do what you can to assist that committee in it's assessment of the decisions made in Ms. Abduladif's case.

From what I have read the crime occurred when Ms. Abduladif was only 14 years old. If Ms. Adbuladif is guilty of this crime, Yemen's own laws forbid the death penalty due to her age. My understanding is there is some doubt about the original verdict in her case as well. I hope that the review committee will visit all aspects of her case and let them know that the world is watching.

I hope that in this case we can set aside our differences, our animosities and passions to see that justice is truly done for one young woman and her children. Thank you sincerely for your time and assistance.

O. Douglas Price

Queens, New York

O. Douglas Price

[email protected]

Please consider that concerned citizens wish to protect a woman who was a child when committing her crime from being executed. Please do something to protect her! Many people around the world are watching and wishing that this does not happen. Thank you.

Heidi Lemmer

[email protected]

I am writing concerning the status of Aminia Ali Abdulatif a 21 year old woman who has been sentenced to death. I have read that a special committee was appointed by the attorney general in Yemen to review the case and that her execution will be postponed until the committee submits its findings. I urge you to use any influence you have on behalf of myself and the many other Americans who believe this woman, who allegedly committed her crime at the age of 14, should not be executed.

Michael Power

[email protected]

I write to urge you to demonstrate clemency in the case of Amina Ali

Aduladif, who has been sentenced to death at sixteen, and who is now the mother of a two-year-old child.

Many people have suffered so much already. I think of the suffering of this child when he learns that his mother has been killed. I think of him carrying that suffering through all his life, spreading it to everyone he meets, desiring to make everyone suffer because he has. Who does it serve that he should suffer so?

I am not so naive to think that the sparing of this woman's life shall cure

the problems of the world. Nonetheless, I plead her case, humbly.

It is a small thing, this young woman and her child, but it is also everything. Please work to see that her life is spared.

Chris Green

Director of Communications

Producers Guild of America

Chris Green [email protected]