An end to payroll fraud?Occupation card system to be applied [Archives:2004/795/Local News]

December 2 2004

By Yemen Times Staff
Taiz Bureau

TAIZ – A course about the system of occupation cards was held Nov. 27 at the Hall of Softil Hotel.
The card stipulates the use of photographs and fingerprints, which will be applied in the different government institutions.
It's believed the new system will put an end to workers on government payrolls, when they in act are not working.
The inauguration ceremony was attended by Minister of Civil Service & Insurance Hamoud Khalid Al-Sufi, Judge Ahmad Al-Hajiri Governor of Taiz and a number of officials and media personnel.
Abdulsalam Al-Hazmi, General Director of the Civil Service Office in Taiz sai: “the implementation of the program constitutes one of the primary steps to apply the system of the occupation card containing the photo and the biological fingerprint.
“The strategy is stated in the republican decree and is implemented by the cabinet in cooperation with concerned sides. Such a program ensures the fulfillment of the agenda of national goals topped by terminating job duality, which causes a heavy burden on the government and its system in the uniformity of salaries. The program also aims at achieving thorough monitoring and providing for the government comprehensive database on the human resources”
Al-Hazmi pointed out that the course will last for 50 days during which the participants are to receive theoretical and practical training on how to apply the system of occupation cards and eliminate job duality.
Minister of Civil Service and the Governor of Taiz stressed that the new system can not be penetrated as it is based on modern scientific principles.
More than 5,000 recruits who have dual jobs were given the option of a more suitable one.
It is not difficult for the local authorities to control the financial and administrative process at the district level, the governor affirmed.
Fahd Al-Shamiri, Coordinator of the course talked about the training of participants in the course in related computer programs like (OFFI) and (CEXP).