An example for other dictators [Archives:2004/755/Letters to the Editor]

July 15 2004

Ali Saeed
[email protected]

When I saw the former Iraqi president being interrogated on TV, I immediately recalled his past brutal, bloody, horrendous regime. All of a sudden, I remembered the mass graves, the chambers of torture, carnage, massacres, murdering committed by him against Iraqis. I also remembered the invasion of Kuwait, and the war with Iran and the loss of a million of Iraqis killed and wounded. Furthermore, I remembered the Halabja massacre where 5 thousands exterminated by chemical weapon. In fact, I remembered the catastrophe and disaster of Iraq during his totalitarian and dictatorial regime.
Therefore, undoubtedly, I felt no sorry and no mercy for the current situation that he is now in, with cuffs in both hands and legs like a thief, and with a humiliating and degrading situation that has never happened to any Arab and Muslim leader before him.
Really, it is incredible to see the former Iraqi president, who used to dictatorially rule Iraq and Iraqis with no one even dare criticize him, being shown on TV to the whole universe in a humiliating way.
Certainly, it is a very good example and lesson to all Arab and Muslim leaders to take it into consideration.
Yes, it is a very good chance for Arab and Muslim leaders to reconcile with their people and nations before it is too late. They have to do it or the may face the same result, who knows?
Arabs and Muslims need and demand their leaders to fulfill the following reforms: democracy, the practice of law in all aspects of life, freedom of speech, press. They also want to live with respect and dignity and to feel secure and safe in their own countries.
I think the ball now is in the field of Arab and Muslim leaders to play it correctly and properly, otherwise they may find themselves outside the field like the former Iraqi president.