…and this is why I AM! [Archives:2003/633/Opinion]

April 27 2003

Nadia Al-Saqqaf
For The Yemen Times
[email protected]

I am participating in the elections because I am excited with the hint of democracy this event represents. Because in ideal terms it means that I have a hand in changing the present and deciding the future, not only mine, but the whole country's present and future as well. Isn't that fascinating? I want to have the right to choose someone to represent me in the parliament, someone I can go up to and demand that he or she fulfills he propaganda and lives up to his shiny words when he becomes a member of the parliament.
That is why I am voting. I am voting because I feel that if I did not participate in these elections that I am letting my self and my country down. I have a chance to say something then why should I waste it? They say these elections are not clean and that the names are pre-decided. But what if they aren't? What if my voice was significant? What if there was a chance to tip the scale to a more favorable direction and my voice was the one that did it? They say there isn't someone whom they feel truly represents them. Quite true I should say, but if that is what they feel then why didn't they find someone that would in the first place and pushed him or her to do so? Or why didn't they nominate themselves if the available lot is no good for them? One's got to make the best of what one's got. Because if we want a -so called- democratic way of changing what is wrong then this is it. This is our chance, turn to do something and most of all our responsibility. As it is, if the situation is as bad as they say, then in any case my vote would not have made a difference, because like it is rumored the districts are already booked for certain names in advance. So in that situation it wouldn't hurt to participate in the elections, at least I would feel that I took a part in the play in stead of just watching and making fun of it. It's my country we are talking about after all isn't it? And like they say, we must light a candle in stead of cursing the darkness.