Annas [Archives:2003/624/Press Review]

February 24 2003

17 FEB. 2003.

Main Headlines:
– JMP to draw up a vision on national farces aligning
– German judiciary sets March 3, a date for deciding al-Mouyad case
– Gangsters kill a young man injure another in a street in the capital

In a leading front-page article the newspaper confirms that Paris, London, Rome, Berlin and many other world capitals have witnessed in recent days demonstrations in protest to a US possible attack on Iraq.
Millions of demonstrations in Europe, Asia, and Africa carried banners that condemn war: “No Blood for Oil. Drop Bush instead of Bombs”. However, under intensive security measures, which humiliated the Arab nation and assassinated the spirit of initiative and rejection, hundreds of Arab demonstrators in Arab capitals stormed the streets to say No war.
Meantime, the Arab leaders prepare for a new round of submission and cowardice to announce renunciation of the Iraqis' blood through an Arab summit. Only those who have high voices and flagrant stances were enthusiastic for this summit. The free and live people of the world who are able to select their rules and bring them down themselves whenever those rulers violate their will, have taken to the streets to protest the war on Iraq.
They also showed solidarity with the Arabs who fight each other's and race to woo America. We are in a critical historical stage at a time the whole world rise up to support an Arab issue. We also see the Arabs, peoples and rulers, let their brethren down. This is because they have been deprived of their freedom, which all live peoples and nations enjoy and submitted, to despotism and suppression exercised by all regimes against their peoples. We are declaring our protest and sorrow for the humiliation, which was driven by leaders and rulers of Arab countries, and we say to the men and women of Europe, Asia and Africa and in every spot in the world that witnessed a voice against the war and stood against the American arrogance: ” You are the best and your women who applaud for the fall of “Bush” are better than our men, leaders, educated people, and intellectuals, who knelt down to their knees to Bush's ambassadors, and presented nothing but more concessions and acts of treason toward Allah, the nation, the history.