Annas [Archives:2003/630/Press Review]

April 7 2003

31 March 2003
Main headlines:
– 200 Yemenis let for Baghdad, Yemeni women in Sana'a put on shrouds
– Military expert: Coming battles in Iraq longer, losses bigger from both sides
– In the Friday demonstration, 7 killed and 30 wounded
– The military and civilians voting together, reason of the problem, officials demand for separate polling
– Civil society organizations reject US aggression
– Yemeni women take to the street
– University guard shoots at students
– Information ministry confiscates '' The Capital'' newspaper
Columnist Dr Hosni al-Jawshaie says in his article that the entire world tried to make America go back from its decision to carry out its adventure of fighting Iraq, but President Bush insisted strongly to enter the war.
All know that the question is not related to weapons of mass destruction and not the establishment of democracy. There is no democracy but in very few of Arab countries. The aim of the war is not a question of removing a tyrant, as they claim. For we know many tyrants in the world governing their peoples by martial laws and states of emergency, under the very agreement and blessing of America. Why then Saddam Hussein in particular? Is the question is the control of the world economy through stealing the Iraqi oil or the control on Baghdad the capital of the Abbasid Caliphate. The aim of installing a new Karzai pours in service of the Zionist entity state. In order to achieve this goal the American president Bush gave his people an image in that the whole matter was simple and that Iraq would not resist the invasion because the people there are fed up from their rulers and looking forward to the American democracy. Bush would grant democracy to the remnants of the Iraq people who daily come under the cluster bombs and the most sophisticated long-range missiles and other types of lethal weapons.
Against that image marketed by American president Bush, the entire world woke up to see on TV screens tens of American and British soldiers killed or wounded as well as prisoners of war. The battles have also made it clear the very high morale the Iraqi people and army are entertaining. Nobody can deny the American and British military technology compared to what the Iraqis possess. But before achieving their targets in Iraq the American and British forces would lose at least half of their military power. This is in itself is a great victory for the Muslims and would make America think more a thousand times before trying to repeat the attempt in another Islamic country. We should not forget that the Almighty God would not accept injustice and supports those subjected to injustice.