Annas [Archives:2003/632/Press Review]

April 21 2003

14 April 2003
Main headlines:
– Islah party : We would not accept to be removed with a stroke of a pen at any constituency
– Old woman beaten till she lost her consciousness
– U.S. State Department: In Yemen restriction s imposed on religious freedom, issues end up to mystery
– %90 of communication centers threatened with bankruptcy
– Fall of Iraq regime seen by the opposition as a lesson for the regimes, authority sees it a result of aggression and conspiracy

Columnist Ahmed al-Shalafi says in his article that those who demand America for proving good intentions towards Iraq by keeping security, offering humanitarian assistance to its people and leaving the Iraqis to manage affairs of their country is similar to asking the devil to prove his being good and his love to the world. What happened following the American invasion of Iraq of looting and chaos committed by some hooligans and outlaws, had disclosed the real intention in re-arranging Iraq in a new form. The question is beyond that which we perceive. The cowboys of America have opened their appetite to looting and pillage and possession. No one can stop them from that. They looted official, private and diplomatic institutions except the ministry of oil and oil wells. There is to be shaped a new Iraq administered by America, not the great Iraq that humanity has known; the Iraq of civilization, glorious history and science.