Annas [Archives:2003/636/Press Review]

May 12 2003

12 May 2003
Main headlines:
– UAE demands Yemeni political refugees to leave its territories
– Parliament convenes without candidates Abu Isba'a and al-Ukaimi
– In Kasama district, Sana'a governorate the winner candidate is arrested and those elected him arrested
– In constituency No. 37, funerals used as election propaganda
Columnist Hafidh al-Bukari says in an article that the result of the legislative elections did not come out with any thing new changing the political structure of the parliament although the result has reflected indications on the nature of the parties' turnout and political awareness of the electors in the Yemeni governorates and cities. The majority in the parliament is still comfortable for the ruling party and there would be nothing to disturb it for six years in terms of legislative and constitutional aspect. Government of the ruling party would be able to pass any of its draft laws, economic and financial policies and agreements through parliament very easily without being affected or bothered by the minority opposition. At the personal level if the parliament has lost some of the effective personalities it has gained new and old personalities expected to prove their active presence under the dome of the new parliament.