Annas [Archives:2003/641/Press Review]

June 12 2003

9 June 2003
Main headlines:
– Corruption and terror in the government program arouses controversy at the parliament
– Parliament chairmanship committee issue still under consideration, opposition criticizes the GPC parliamentary bloc
– A young man killed in the capital by a gang
– Government to replace 25 thousand foreign employees by Yemeni graduates
– Opening a legal attachE office at the American embassy in Sana'a arouses questions.
Columnist Dr Hosni al-Jawsha'ie writes an article on some uncivilized phenomena in Yemen saying there are many negative phenomena but the most dangerous of which are those relating to non-respecting the values of this society and showing no respect to laws and public feeling of unsafe. The wrier queries if it is possible to hold a national conference grouping all tribes sheikhs, scientists, the society's notables and intellectuals coming out with a document obliging all segments of the society to respect laws and discard all phenomena of carrying arms and dispense with all armed bodyguards?
The writer enlists those phenomena as:
– the phenomenon of the armed convoys and large number of escorting men, which has become a very eye-catching one and provocative to the people feelings, and indicates a big civilization backwardness.
– shooting fire shots inside courts and not respecting sanctity of the court and the judges and some times the judge himself is the victim of some gunmen present inside and around the courts buildings.
– the complicated dealings in many ministries and government institutions which are increasing continuously.
– the fourth phenomenon is the existence of many internet cafes. This is outwardly a civilized one but there are as many as 500 internet cafes in Sana'a alone frequented by mostly teenagers. Are these teenagers searching for scientific information to benefit from them in their studies and preparation of scientific researches or approaching scientists abroad? I do not think that. A colleague from the Sana'a University has conducted a study on these cafes visitors and found out that 90% of those teenagers browse pornographic sites and indecent pictures. The writer questions if there are laws protecting our sons from this unethical phenomenon?