Annas [Archives:2003/653/Press Review]

July 24 2003

21 July 2003
Main headliners:
-Al-Mouayad and companion waiting for the last chance
-Saudi youth drowns in a dam in Yemen
-Authority and opposition agree on the dual elections system
-Loans agreements enkindle a crisis inside parliament

Columnist Dr Hassan al-Jawshaie says in his article that the Geneva agreement gives a kind of immunity to citizens of countries exposed to war or occupation in a way their is no attack on their properties, honor or killing of that country's citizens by soldiers of the occupying force. But America has another opinion in this regard. It wants immunity against and protection for its soldiers in case of occupying a country against any legal accountability when its soldiers commit the crimes of killing the occupied country's citizens or if they plundered their properties as it is happening now in Iraq. In other words America wants its soldiers to be above the law and accountability when they kill, plunder and violate the honor of the people under its occupation.