Annas [Archives:2003/655/Press Review]

July 31 2003

28 July 2003
Main headlines:
– Attempts to kill Saddam failed
– Yemeni islands, huge tourist and economic resource
– Yemen's silver exhibition discovers distinguished economic firms.
Columnist Dr Hosni al-Jawshaie says in his article the scandal of Iraq war and the justifications the Bush and Tony Blair administrations have marketed for convincing their peoples for waging it is still interactive. No day passes with the appearance of new facts belying allegations of the American and British leaders. against their peoples and the ruling establishments and the United nation Security Council.
Tony Blair used false evidence to be able to convince the British House of Commons to accept the idea of Britain's taking part in the war. Investigations have clarified that Blair asked his defence secretary and chief of intelligence to obtain information from the internet on Iraq's nuclear capability and actually they obtained information from an old masters degree student's thesis, added to it fabricated information and considered that an evidence against Iraq and an enough justification for launching the war.
For George Bush he has asked his defence secretary and the CIA director, who fabricated the story that Iraq had smuggled a shipment of enriched uranium from the African state of Niger and considered that an evidence for condemning Iraq and launching the destructive war on it.
Thus the two American and British leaders depended on those false stories to launch the war on Iraq while they knew well they were false. Would the American people accept to be ruled by a leader like this and would the congress and the parliament accept the president continues tampering with the American army and squandering the country's riches so simply? As for the British people it is known they are great people and would not accept to be governed by a liar and the question of his stay in power has become a matter of time.