Annas [Archives:2003/657/Press Review]

August 7 2003

4 August 2003
Main headlines:
– American occupation troops in Iraq arrest Arab fighters of Yemeni, Syria and Saudi nationalities
– Forged YR 1000 denomination in circulation, origin unknown
– Committee on follow-up a-Mouyad case returned with German sympathy
– American experts to train Yemeni troops mid of this month
– Justice Minister conducts field research before embarking on judiciary movement
Columnist Abdulghani al-Maweri says the question of sheikh al-Mouyad and his assistant hand over to the American authorities has become a matter of time. The Frankfurt court has given the legal and moral cover suitable for the German government that sees itself as not in a position of choice. The tension in its relations with the American administration due to its stand opposing the war on Iraq imposes on it a kind of a more than ordinary cooperation stance. The Yemeni government should have realized this fact and concentrated its diplomatic efforts on the America instead of wasting them in Germany, especially that al-Mouyad is not a real objective of Washington and his arrest would not effect a change in its war on terror in which Yemen takes part with enthusiasm and strength. The mere reminding the Bush administration of this would make it possible giving the Yemeni government a political victory by releasing al-Mouyad after a short time of interrogation and detention in return of a government pledge of prohibiting raising donations to any party other than the Palestinian authority. The Yemeni government may accept this especially that it is a major condition for accession to the Middle East Partnership Alliance, expected to be announced y America in 2013.
If America succeeds in incriminating money going to the Palestinian resistance factions in return for the release of sheikh al-Mouyad it would have completed what it has begun of confiscating and besieging the Islamic money which according to Israeli strategists more dangerous than the weapons of mass destruction.