Annas [Archives:2003/661/Press Review]

August 21 2003

18 August 2003
Main headlines:
– American report accusing Egypt of supporting terror in the region
– Liquefied gas disappears anew
– Lightning kills a family at Kadiha in Makha district
Columnist Ahmed al-Shalafi says in an article that officials and ministers in governments leave their posts but with heavy legacies. This legacy is not confined to financial corruption only but transcends it to big failure in the structural and organizational and comprehensive vision of the work of the official institutions, especially those directly related to the citizen's needs.
Now before the new ministers and officials in the government begin their jobs they have to realize that they have before them many tasks that should be finished and get them over. It is particularly important those in the field of reforming what their predecessors have effected corruption in and to arrange the conditions in their ministries in harmony with statements of the government. This is our hope attached to the new ministers, especially those who have come from amidst the society and know well about its daily woes, hardships and requirements.
If members of the new government resign to keep silent about the legacies of their predecessors and turn blind eyes on them, such attitude would be but a repetition of the series of corruption that aims at destroying what remains of our civilized image. We do not at least demand to end all problems of these institutions and ministries , as it is something impossible under the absence of the institutionalized reality, we may ask them not to leave behind them a heavy legacy.