Annas [Archives:2003/666/Press Review]

September 8 2003

1 September 2003
Main headlines:
– PGC-Islah differences exported abroad
– ''Shamir'' killer avoids men, kills three women
– Interior ministry after unlicensed religious tapes
– Bargaining between government and tribe about blood money
– Wisab people demand just trial for al-Jazzar
Columnist Ahmed al-Shalafi says the initiative proposed by Yemen to develop the Arab Joint Action and the establishment of Arab states Union has aroused many deliberations and opened the door for many questions on Yemen's capability of offering such Arab projects.
Those who deny on Yemen of offering such initiatives in fact deny on a country rich with civilization and heritage dated to ancient epochs of pioneering and leadership. Some may say Yemen has overstepped others with such big projects that need big effort to fulfill at a time there are many internal demands insisting on the political leadership awaiting for radical solutions for economic, social and political problems. This is of course not a risk. It is a forward step towards the Arab space undoubtedly would be reflected on the domestic aspect and prepare for readying many national potentials to embrace and contain its dimensions and the regional role it would entail.
Consequently, the reaction with it or the attempt of evaluating it is the responsibility of all intellectuals and politicians because it is a Yemeni project concerns us all. The required is just the unification of ideas.