Annas [Archives:2003/667/Press Review]

September 11 2003

8 Sept. 2003
Main headlines:

– Israeli-Palestinian confrontations reach peak
– In Taiz a person commits suicide, one person killed
Columnist Ali al-Surari says in an article that the Arab regimes at last came realize playing a new game or rather a trick. The game began by Arab regimes embarkment on a new series of initiatives for the reform of the Arab league, the establishment of the Arab union. It seems that the regimes are trying to suggest that they are still keeping an ability to think and have initiatives and also can hold the reins of a historic initiative after more than half a century of defeats and setbacks.
These initiatives have been launched at the same time and each Arab regime claims that it has the solution for the crisis of fragmentation and humility perching on the Arab situation for more than half a century. As we have a long experience with the nature of Arab rulers in their sticking to their void ideas and projects we expect the eruption of disputes and conflicts and may be wars rendering the Arab entity into a wreckage.