Annas [Archives:2003/670/Press Review]

September 22 2003

15 Sept. 2003
Main headlines:
– Siege is still against Harmal school girl students staging a sit-in
– Investment recession by 50%, $700 to 800 million transferred abroad each year
– Judicial orders to Aden security director to commit to law
– In Dhamar, a citizen commits suicide because of ten thousand rials
Columnist Khalid al-Humadi writes in his article that t be an Arab or Muslim you are accused, whatever achievements you have realized in the domain of your job. All your achievements could be means for charging you and doubling doubts about you and could be used as evidence against you. This can be clearly seen in the media field in particular. In the west journalists compete to realize a beat of this kind in order to acquire fame, whereas in the east those who get such a scoop would be victims of their venture. Many western media men managed to conduct interviews with Usama bin Laden and gained stardom in their jobs while Arab media men managed to achieve much better media achievements but did not get the same amount of reputation. An example is the journalist Tayseer Alouni who had conducted interviews with Usama bin laden and carried out very unique television reports on the war in Afghanistan in addition to his coverages during the war in Iraq. Because of his media activities Mr Alouni has become a prisoner in Spain just because he is an Arab despite of his Spanish nationality. The case of Alouni is not just a simple one or an individual as much as it is a collective one touches all Arab media men rights. It is an outrageous example of violating Arabs' journalists' rights and it is repeated with whomever an Arab or Muslim. Alouni's case urgently needs for showing solidarity, condemnation and support in order to put an end to it and the like.