Annas [Archives:2003/672/Press Review]

September 29 2003

22 September 2003
Main headlines:
-PM: Decision on an increase of wages needs a study away from emotions
-40 technological companies ask the president to reject monopoly of information projects
-Saudi Arabia praises Yemen cooperation, confirms it to be source of all terrorist weapons

Columnist Dr Hosni al-Jawshaie thinks in his article if there is a person the American administration should offer him thanks it is Bin Laden for the great service he has offered the American administration by his admittance that he was behind the attacks of 9/11, 2001. The video tapes frequently screened on al-Jazeera TV channel pour directly in serving the American policy the realization of its expansionist goals for imposing the control on sources of wealth in the world and imposition of its hegemony. Technically and from the intelligence standpoint the attacks could not be implemented by any person or even a state without being provided with logistic support by the American intelligence. The White House found in Bin Laden's confession a life buoy although such an admission made many observes think there may be a close coordination between the American intelligence and al-Qaeda organisation. There are, however, some who think that the tapes regularly screened could be under direct orders by the American administration for definite objectives.
We are not concerned whether those conclusions were right or wrong but what is certain is that the September events have been exploited in the manner for fighting the Arabs and Muslims and controlling their wealth. Also the war criminal Ariel Sharon has been using those events by placing the Palestinian resistance organisations at the category of terrorist organisations such as the Islamic Jihad and HAMAS.