Annas [Archives:2003/674/Press Review]

October 6 2003

29 Sept.2003
Main headlines:
– Sana'a 20th International Book Fair opened
– Al-Aqsa society, Amran branch holds a festival in support of al-Aqsa
– Islamic literature league in Yemen promoted to regional bureau
– Establishment of Yemen center for Human Rights declared

Columnist Nasser Yahya writes an article on the anniversary of the Yemeni September revolution saying for years the dealing with the revolution anniversary has generally been characterized by two conflicting addresses. One of them considers the occasion an opportunity to talk about positive accomplishments and continuation of the revolution while the other one considers the presence of serous negatives in the Yemeni life is no longer justifying that way of remembering the revolution and some would talk with much pessimism on the revolution. Both addresses are mistaken in part of their whereabouts and right in others.
By any criterion the Yemeni revolution was not a mistaken event because it was a confrontation and movement refusing the backward imamate reality and the presence of the British colonization. Both realities had forced horrible backwardness on Yemenis the remains of which are still there in our life. Thus justifications of the revolution were noble in legal, national and reason senses. Neither Islam nor the affiliation to the homeland or the sense of the higher interest would make the Yemenis keep silent versus facing of the imamate corruption or the British colonization.
On the other hand what has been realized in Yemen over the past forty years of the national rule was not at the level of the dreams and aspirations in many aspects of our life. Despite of the many positives and accomplishments, the denial of which is similar to hearts blindness, there are also serious negatives still weighing on all. Backwardness, poverty, low level of living of the people and weakness of public services are not commensurate to expectations and aspirations of the people. Same can be said about general issues s work, public freedoms and equality. For there are still rising complaints against these practices.