Annas [Archives:2003/675/Press Review]

October 9 2003

6 Oct. 2003
Main headlines:
– Sheikh l-Zindani praises Arab satellite TV channels
– Two Yemeni academicians lash out at existing educational situation in Yemen
– Chairperson of Aden public property prosecution: The involved are groups violated the president's directives
– Mass rally narrates groaning of al-Aqsa
– Workshop by American development agency and partners in Yemen
– Residents of Shamaiteen district demand resignation of the local council

Columnist Mohammed Yahya al-Sabri says the Yemeni American contacts are currently witnessing a kind of a ''choking embrace'', if it is correct to express, at various security, military and diplomatic levels, and even at the cultural level and this reflects a noticeable growth. The visit of William Burns to Sana'a last Saturday either carries a culmination to visits of the State Department or carries other demands related to the raging security, and political situations in Palestine and Iraq and other political aspects and other Yemen's foreign relations. But the matter also implies an almost Yemeni-American non-agreement on many issues especially regarding the American diplomatic excesses in relations with states that are no longer observing the simplest criteria and diplomatic norms in relations among states. This is also apparent in the statements made by the prime minister last week in which the said the Americans were '' asking us Yemen to control its 1800 km borders with Saudi Arabia and its 800km coasts while they refrain from offering new aid in this regard and Yemen does not possess enough resources to implement those demands.”