Annas [Archives:2003/681/Press Review]

October 30 2003

27 Oct.2003
Main headlines:
– Zindani and Noman, a hidden element stirred up discord between them
– Bajammal complains suspension of his authorities, opposition sources ask him keep silent versus the regime defects
– Medical college elections postponed twice
– YSP praises an Islah statement
– Islah: Extremism product of wrong policy by which the country run
Columnist Ahmed al-Shalafi says in an article every time there comes to political surface a crisis rendering the country upside down were it not for God’s care in a country the rationals have become almost rare in the face of beneficiaries.
The whole matter is based on misplanning and mismanagement of the country’s utilities in various aspects, whether political or social or economic or cultural, the responsibility of which is borne by the lack of awareness and ignorance regarding the importance of gradual change towards the best.
Instigating seditions isn’t a good habit at all, even if those who do it thought it would gain them some financial advantages. Such an act could be like a deluge that would affect all. All those who are interested in the country’s interest should agree and fear about our political, cultural and social security. The world around us is progressing towards building societies and their development so why should we insist to be at the end of the procession?